Diana Young: First Place

Mary RobinsonEtowah Health Care Center

I’ve never seen such fear and hopelessness regarding Covid-19. When it broke out on the news so many thousands of people which led into millions of people, so sick and dying. Families, friends hit hard must have wondered if there is a cure in sight. So many of all of us are frightened of what lays ahead for ourselves and our loved ones with this horrifying virus. Doctors, Nurses, Rescue Workers, Volunteers and all others got the name “Heroes.” So many put their lives above  themselves to help those poor people who needed help. All of the news and pictures of people dying still remain in my mind. On the news was a doctor and nurse who were husband and wife embracing one another. Must have wondered how they could help others and live through this themselves.

My facility was clear, then BOOM, Covid-19 hit! I remember the little man who said “I know he’s sick, I don’t want to get sick.” The little man got it and after not much longer he died. My heart went out to him. And the lady who was afraid of getting it, Covid-19. She did and fought the best she could and died. There was a lady that could not help herself who got it and suffered and looked into my eyes, but I couldn’t make it better for her, but I tried to make it comfortable for her. I patted her head and told her “I’m so sorry you’re sick.” Soon later she died. All the suffering and pain those human lives had to endure. Some residents did not know why they were so sick. They did not know what was wrong with them. The precious little people who was given in our care. We did the best we could do.

I look at the pictures of those who did not make it. I still remember every one of them. There were some who contracted it and made it through. I got it but wasn’t very sick. Then my husband got it and wasn’t very sick. We made it through and I thank God for it.

All the millions of people who lost their lives will stay in my memory. I hope that an end will come to this nightmare and hope the vaccine will do good.

As a CNA I took an oath 26 years ago to protect, care, no abuse tolerated, love people who are in my care. I made some mistakes but my heart is into what I do. That’s who I am. I tried to give my best to my people who needed me and those who still do. That’s what CNAs do. That’s what we are here for.

Covid-19 memories will never go away. It’s filthy, dirty, deadly. Hands reaching out grabbing who it can though not letting go. It lurks and watches everywhere to latch on whatever it can get ahold of. It has brought nothing but fear and hopelessness for many of my residents. I remember the good times, the bad times, the hard times, even the ornery ones who were mad at me but I still loved them and cared for them.

The ones over us I’m thankful for. They made sure we used our protective equipment such need in their horrific times for our own good. Though at times I couldn’t stand them I knew it was for my own good.

For the most memorable Covid-19 crises is really all of those I’ve written. But I can’t get it out of my mind the little man who told me he didn’t want to get sick knowing his roommate was sick, he said. And he got sick and lost his life to Covid-19. I pray to God there’ll be an end to this horrific Leach Virus and end to the loss of lives to this virus, Covid-19.