• Any full-time paid employee is eligible

    Entries are limited to one per THCA member nursing home

    Nomination deadline: June 17

    Directions: To nominate a Caregiver of the Year from your THCA member facility, complete this form and email it to THCA by clicking “submit” at the bottom. Entries must be emailed by June 17. Supporting documentation will not be accepted.

  • Press releases regarding this nominee should be emailed to the following two newspapers, TV stations or radio stations (PLEASE INCLUDE NAME AND EMAIL ADDRESS):

  • Please be advised that nominees must be willing to attend THCA’s Annual Convention & Trade Show should they be selected as the district winner. Also, the nominee’s facility must be current on district dues to be considered for this honor.

  • On this section of the form, please avoid using the nominee’s name or the facility's name. In our "blind" selection process, nominees' names and facilities will not be revealed to the judges.

  • This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged.