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Throughout Tennessee, nursing homes meet the needs of the elderly and disabled by providing round-the-clock nursing care. But the quest for excellence is a community-wide effort involving family members, volunteers, church and civic groups and everyone with an interest in how long-term care is provided in our state.

What is Friends & Families?

Friends & Families is a consumer publication dedicated to providing information, advocacy and support for long-term care while also boosting public understanding of the many complex issues involved. Friends & Families offers coverage of activities at THCA member facilities, updates on association programs and events, and analysis of timely long-term care issues, from reimbursement to regulatory developments to new legislation at both the state and federal level.

Why is long-term care important?

Tennessee, like the rest of the nation, is seeing a rapid rise in the elderly population. As a result, long-term care will only increase in importance in the coming years. Unfortunately, studies show that most Americans know little about the options that will be available when the time comes to consider long-term care placement.

Why should I subscribe?

Volunteers, advocates and friends of all kinds are needed to help make sure facilities have all the tools they need to maintain a high quality of life for Tennessee's most vulnerable citizens. By learning more about long-term care, and lending your voice and support, you help ensure the success of future generations of patients and caregivers.

Friends & Families is sponsored by THCA. The association, founded in 1947, is a nonprofit organization whose members include roughly 250 long-term care facilities in Tennessee.

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