Experiencing the system firsthand

By Linda Jennings, RN, director of quality and regulatory affairs I often write blog posts about my business trips to various parts of the country, but recently I was traveling for an altogether different reason. My baby sister had a stroke earlier this month, and she is now in a rehab hospital. Let me tell… Read More

A quality journey worth taking

By Linda Jennings, RN, director of quality and regulatory affairs Last night I returned from Chicago where I was in class learning to manage a CAUTI grant for long-term care facilities in Tennessee. CAUTI is the abbreviation for “catheter associated urinary tract infections.” For years Tennessee hospitals have been working on infection control techniques and… Read More

Let THCA help with legislator meetings

By Crystal Mallery This week in AP, THCA reminded members how important it is to invite their legislators into their facilities. With early voting beginning July 18 for Aug. 7 primaries, there is no better time than the next few weeks. Legislators like to talk with their constituents, and long-term care facilities are one place… Read More It’s not a secret

By Crystal Mallery Yesterday, I stepped into the board room here at THCA to snap a few photos for Facebook of members of the Executive Committee in a session to hone their public-speaking skills. Elaine Ganick, the presenter, asked them if they were familiar with Ted Talks and told them that if they were not… Read More

On the Road Again

By Linda Jennings, RN, director of quality and regulatory affairs Seems like when I write a blog, I am always on the road. This time is no different. I am in Orlando with the American Health Care Association judging the Silver applications for the AHCA quality awards. There were over 250 applications submitted from across… Read More

Omni Hotel Awards Luncheon a Must

By Crystal Mallery, senior communications coordinator Give me five minutes to convince you to register for this year’s Awards of Excellence program at the convention. I don’t need any more time than that. First off, winners will be named at an all-new venue – the Omni Hotel Nashville. Have you seen that place? It is… Read More

It’s up to you to recognize ‘Everyday Heroes’

By Crystal Mallery, senior communications coordinator Caregiver of the Year nominations are due in just two short weeks, and I have to admit that I’m a bit nervous about reaching our goal. As of today, we have received two nominations, and we hope to reach 100 by Friday, June 13.Obviously, we need your help. Any… Read More

For one week, pretend you’re in Hawaii

By Crystal Mallery, senior communications coordinator I must admit that I was a bit surprised when I heard that the American Health Care Association had themed this year’s National Nursing Home Week “Living the Aloha Spirit.” I mean, I guess I could understand it at a long-term care facility in Maui, but what were the… Read More

Say thanks to the nurses

By Linda Jennings, RN, director of quality and regulatory affairs Florence Nightingale, the founder of nursing, is quoted as saying, “No man, not even a doctor, ever gives any other definition of what a nurse should be than this – ‘devoted and obedient.’ This definition would do just as well for a porter. It might… Read More

‘Everyday Heroes’ work in nursing homes

By Crystal Mallery, Senior Communications Coordinator If you were to stage a late-night-television-style question-and-answer skit on the street, asking “Who are our everyday heroes?” you’d probably get some predictable answers. Police. Fire fighters. Doctors. Teachers. Parents. Nothing is wrong with those answers, but I’d have to add another group – nursing home employees. I’ve learned… Read More